At ASB, keeping our (world) community informed is of utmost importance to us.  However, we also know that too much communication can also be annoying and even counterproductive.   Therefore, when we inform, we aim at unifying criteria and deliver messages that are ordered and homogeneous in form, content and time.   As a result we have established various vehicles for providing information electronically.  These are:



Every Friday we launch our weekly news and information edition called “Next week”.  There are three editions that are produced:  Early Childhood, Lower School and Upper School.  Each edition has specific information that is relevant to the school division in question and is sent only to parents of the division at 12 noon.



On the first day of every new month the Board of Trustees and Director provide the entire community with news and information that is of importance to the school community as a whole.  “We´d like you to know…” will contain the latest progress and developments on the aims and objectives established by the Board and Director.         “We´d like you to know…” will also include insight into      the behind-the-scenes school projects that are being discussed and planned.. 



Any modern school knows the importance of guiding students to excellent communication skills.  At ASB students have equal access to communicating with the (world) community through the “Newsletter”.  Created by students in the Upper School, the “Newsletter” provides students from across the school with an opportunity to show off what they have learned and share in projects  and events of importance to them.  Each edition is published every three months and is emailed to all parents of the school.



Very rarely is there a need to inform the community of an event of high priority, but, if it does happen, ASB is ready to respond with a “Telegram”.  This form of email communication is sent only when an urgent matter needs to be sent.