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ASB Christmas Concert

14th of December, 2016. A really important day for ASB! Today, ASB organized a Christmas concert at the Euskalduna. We also celebrated our 50th Anniversary! The Christmas concert was great! It started out with Teresa Amann singing “Santa Baby”. The Kinder Novices sang a song with the Kinder Experts called “Rainbow Song”. Also, a special 8th grade guest called Kristian Hernan came to dance “Let’s Stay Together” with the second graders. Towards the end of the concert, the Seventh Grade girls danced to a song called “Juju On That Beat”, and Maria Bellver performed a Solo Dance Piece with the song “The Greatest” by Sia. Mr. Charles Cooper also sang a song with Joshua Edelman, which was a real treat! A series of singers, including Lizan Adema, Andrés Baroja, Sofía Gasulla, and María Belver, also graced us with their great performances. Last, but definitely not least, the concert came to a close with the Sixth Graders singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. In conclusion, we need to thank Mr. Charles Cooper and Ms. Stephanie Trinidad for organizing this great concert! Also, we need to thank all teachers that were there, and the students who helped out. Without their help, this whole event would have been impossible to organise. I hope that next year we hold another great concert, even better than this one, although that would be very hard!

Naroa Goicoechea (Grade 7)