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The ASBs Own Little Guggenheim

The ASB artists are at it again! The IB Visual Arts Final Exhibition has taken place just before Spring Break rolled in, and it was an astounding success.

The VA Exhibition is the Visual Arts’ equivalent to a final exam. Students must make a selection of works that they wish to showcase and, after having done this, must display them in whatever way they see fit for their audience. Each artist must exhibit a minimum of 4 projects if working at Standard Level, and 8 projects if working at High Level. This exposition makes up a large percentage of their final IB Visual Arts grade.

This year, VA students have worked hard to make this exhibition one of the most memorable ones to date. It is the first to be set up in the ASB’s own Lower School gym, which the students worked hard to prepare for this important occasion - they even painted the walls and cleaned the floors! The artworks exhibited, from paintings and statues to small installations, also left a mark of many a member of the ASB community and beyond. Visitors tended to comment on the deep meaning each artwork held, and were impressed by the eloquence of the artists and the ease with which they expressed their ideas.

Congratulations, Visual Arts students and teacher Ms. Pauline Dubos! This exhibition will be remembered for a long time.

Ainhoa Santos (Grade 12)